Lyngenfjord - Naturally exciting

Nestled amidst the majestic Lyngen Alps, Lyngenfjord is a great region for adventurous travellers. The area was recently chosen as one of the world’s top 100 sustainable destinations.

  • Admire the magnificent Lyngen Alps
  • Explore Reisa National Park
  • Experience an internationally designated ‘Sustainable Travel Destination’
  • Encounter the ‘meeting with three tribes’ culture

Lyngenfjord is a scenic 82-kilometre (51 mi) long fjord in Troms county, located some 600 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle.

Lyngenfjord is ideal for those seeking to challenge themselves in Arctic nature. World-class skiing, fantastic hikes, whale watching, mountain biking, glacier walks, fishing and unique Northern Lights photography are just some of the activities you can enjoy here.

The region abounds in natural beauty. It has islands in the north, the Lyngen Alps to the west, lush valleys, rivers and vast Arctic wilderness in the south-east. And you can explore here with care for the environment. The area made the prestigious international ‘Sustainable Destinations Top 100’ list in 2018.

The west side of the fjord is dominated by the majestic Lyngen Alps, running the length of the peninsula. The Alps are characterized by pointed peaks that attract adventurous skiers and mountaineers from all over the world. The tallest summit, Jeahkkivárri, is 1,883 meters high.

East of Lyngenfjord is Reisa National Park, offering wild, beautiful nature. The mighty Reisa River is one of Norway’s best salmon fishing streams. Reisa National Park also features a historic hiking trail along which you can admire the famous 269-meter-high Mollisfossen waterfall.

In winter, the Northern Lights often reflect off the fjord and snowy peaks. In contrast, the bright months of spring and summer under the Midnight are equally remarkable as life awakens in the Arctic wilderness.

The phrase ‘meeting of the three tribes’ tells the story of the region’s culture. Ethnic Norwegians, Sami and Kven people have lived side-by-side here for centuries. The historic marketplace in Skibotn has been the trading centre for merchants from northern Norway, Sweden and Finland for centuries.

History of Lyngen

The Lyngenfjord region has an intense and unique history. The Second World War left profound traces in this area. At the end of the war, many of the local houses were burnt down by the retreating German forces. The ‘Lyngen line’ was built as a line of defence to prevent Russian attacks and was later used by NATO during the Cold War. History enthusiasts can visit many war memorials and remains of coastal fortifications and bunkers during their visit to Lyngenfjord.

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