Arctic Umiaq Line

Sailing Greenland’s west coast for 250 years since 1774

Reasons to go 


  • Discover Greenland's west coast aboard a small ship as you sail side by side with local Greenlandic passengers and a local English-speaking guide.​ 
  • Experience everyday scenes of remote community life and coastal culture that many visitors to Greenland miss out on.​ 
  • Enjoy getting to know many of Greenland's coastal settlements over several hours, through meals and excursions ashore.​ 
  • Hop off the ship in select ports to stay the night in a fjord hotel or on a farm visit, before rejoining the ship the next day. 

Exclusive launch offer

Book an Arctic Umiaq Line Junior Suite on selected Greenland Voyages, North Greenland Voyages, or South Greenland Voyages between June and October 2024, and SAVE up to 9,600 Danish Kroner per person. 

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The voyages

Arctic Umiaq Line offers three voyages:

  • The 15-day Greenland Voyage

    The 15-day Greenland Voyage is the North Greenland Voyage and South Greenland Voyage combined, representing the definitive, authentic experience of Greenland’s west coast.

  • The North Greenland Voyage

    The 9-day North Greenland Voyage travels from the capital Nuuk up to Uummannaq island through the Eternity Fjord and visits UNESCO-listed Ilulissat ice fjord in Disko Bay.

  • The South Greenland Voyage

    The 7-day South Greenland Voyage starts with a night glamping in the fjords of Nuuk at Camp Kangiusaq, then an overnight in UNESCO-listed Igaliku, and onto Qaqortoq.

The Hurtigruten of Greenland

In Greenland, most of the country’s cities, towns, and settlements are found on the west coast. But you’ll find no roads between them. To get from place to place and to receive much-needed supplies, local Greenlanders have relied on Arctic Umiaq Line for close to 250 years.  

For them, taking the Arctic Umiaq Line is both a lifeline and a way of life. For visitors, it’s a way to experience Greenland that few see, side by side with those who call these coastal communities home.  

Sailing with Greenlanders

Your voyage with Arctic Umiaq Line is as much about the people you meet as the sights you see. Listen to pearls of wisdom from your onboard English-speaking, local guide. Share a meal with the couple going to visit their grandchildren. Learn Inuit traditions from the student on her way home.  

Only 57,000 people live in Greenland, and even though it is the least densely populated country in the world, what Greenlanders lack in number, they more than make up for in warmth, kindness, and charm.  9 out 10 of Arctic Umiaq Line’s annual passengers are Greenlanders.

See the silence

Sailing Greenland’s coast means entering a realm far off the beaten path. This is a place that is raw, remote, and exceptionally tranquil. A place where peacefulness surrounds you. 

Mighty musk oxen line the sides of fjords. Glaciers crack and calve icebergs into the bay. Summer’s Midnight Sun glows in the sky where snow bunting and sea eagle soar. Watch in awe as whales swim close to shore, spouting water into the air before breaching acrobatically out of the water.  

Time ashore

The ship of Arctic Umiaq Line, MS Sarfaq Ittuk, is small enough to sail right up to the tiniest of Greenland’s communities, without the need of tender boats. This gives you plenty of time to get to know each place it visits and to dine in local restaurants.  

There are even opportunities to leave the ship to experience Greenlandic hospitality in a bell tent or on a family-run farm for a night, and then to rejoin the ship the next day.  

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Questions about your Arctic Umiaq Line booking

Please visit the Arctic Umiaq Line website to book your Junior Suite.  

Your booking is with Arctic Umiaq Line. Hurtigruten is just a referring partner. 

Please contact Arctic Umiaq Line’s customer support on +299 34 91 90 or send an email to [email protected]. 

The local guide on board will be fluent in English, Danish, and Greenlandic. Most of the guiding will be delivered in English. Other languages may be spoken by the guide and crew, but this is not guaranteed.