– The mythical land of fire and ice
A large waterfall over a body of water
  • True Arctic expedition
    With our unmatched expertise in Arctic waters, we will show you the soul of Iceland on an expedition to the far north.
  • Like nowhere else
    The drama, history, wildlife and rugged scenery makes Iceland a truly memorable destination – with many hidden secrets.
  • Unique, beautiful terrain
    We take you close to volcanic landscape, waterfalls, glaciers and charming towns on hikes and daily activities.
  • Sustainable adventure
    Our expedition cruises are created with sustainability as a priority – protecting wildlife, supporting local communities, and the future of our planet.
A large waterfall over a body of water
A group of people standing in front of a mountain
A sandy beach next to a body of water
A group of people swimming in a body of water
A boat in a large body of water
A herd of sheep standing on top of a lush green field
A waterfall with a mountain in the background
A bird sitting on a rock
A group of people standing on top of a grass covered hill
A group of ice and snow

Cruises in Iceland

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Explore Iceland

Discover some of the possible landing sites you may visit on an expedition cruise to Iceland.

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Explore Iceland

Discover some of the possible landing sites you may visit on an expedition cruise to Iceland.

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    is the world’s northernmost capital city. Settlers named the place ‘Smoky Bay’ after the columns of steam rising from local hot springs.

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    Surrounded by wonderful scenery and iconic sites on Snæfellsnes Peninsula, the friendly town of Stykkishólmur features beautiful, well-preserved old houses.

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    Known for stunning scenery, including spectacular fjords and charming settlements, the Westfjords offer great hiking and kayaking opportunities.

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    The lively and energetic town of Akureyri is close to many of Iceland’s renowned natural treasures, like Lake Mývatn and Goðafoss waterfall.

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    Húsavík is renowned for its whale watching and has several interesting museums, including, of course, a whale museum.

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    Get the chance to step across the legendary Arctic Circle, which cuts across this green and grassy island.

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    This peaceful area is known for its natural beauty and as “the land of the elves.” Puffin colonies are everywhere in the fjord, making this a popular place for birdwatching.

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    A zone of volcanic activity, Heimaey Island is full of steep ocean cliffs that provide a habitat for countless seabirds, including the charming puffin.

Travel to Iceland

A group of people in a boat on a body of water

Iceland is the land of ice and fire, with glaciers and volcanos side by side. The nature offers stunning landscapes, geysers and impressive waterfalls – no wonder why there’s existing so many myths and legends from Iceland. The contrasts are enhanced by long dark winters and summers lit by the midnight sun.

A group of people in a boat on a body of water

A Iceland cruise is full of surprises with its distinctive natural and cultural character. On your Iceland vacation you will encounter unique wildlife, rich culture and breath taking nature. Find your next voyage and enjoy a Iceland vacation out of the ordinary.

Leading and teaching - your Expedition Team

During your discovery of Iceland, your Expedition Team will lead the way on short hikes and guided landscape explorations, flora and fauna spotting, cultural site visits, community walks and small boat cruises.

A man sitting on a boat in the water

“Some of my favourite experiences on expedition cruises are getting sprayed by a humpback whale and sighting polar bears from a close but safe distance.”

– Steffen, Expedition Team Leader

Iceland Travel Guide

We offer various Iceland cruises – you decide the right cruise, based on your needs and desires. Do you wonder how it would be to travel to Iceland? Check out our Iceland Travel Guide to get inspired. Get to know the wide range of expeditions and excursions we offer on Iceland and find out when’s the best time to take a Iceland vacation!

Iceland – the island in the North Atlantic

Iceland is a mystical and thrilling island to visit. Read more about the elves and trolls of Iceland, and get up to speed on Icelandic folk belief. On the island we offer excursions to glaciers, green valleys, and volcanos. Go for a hike on Europe’s largest bird cliff, Látrabjarg, and spot puffins and seabirds. Or join a guided hike through the unique landscape of Iceland and walk on the enormous Berserk Lava Field, formed an ancient volcanic eruption about three to four thousand years ago. However you want to spend your time on Iceland, you are always surrounded by amazing and fascinating landscape and nature. Book a Iceland cruise and make your own inimitable memories from this mythical place!

Pingvellir---Thingvellir - Þingvellir National Park walk, Iceland