Arctic Awakening

Reignite your zeal for adventure with Hurtigruten’s Arctic Awakening, a collection of destinations highlighting the beauty and rugged wilderness that our world has to offer.

Awaken your inner arctic adventurer

With the pioneers of expedition travel

A collection of Iceland, Greenland, Svalbard and Norway expeditions, these 2022/23 voyages highlight the vast beauty and rugged wilderness that our world has to offer. 

While Hurtigruten Expedition cruises are authentic in nature, compromising style and comfort is not a necessity aboard our state-of-the-art vessels and premium facilities. With the world’s first hybrid-powered ships among our fleet, choose to travel sustainably and explore the world with maximum care for the environment.

Whales in Greenland


– The beautiful land of contrasts

With our expertise in Arctic waters, we will show you the best of incredible Greenland under the Midnight Sun. Experience some of the most beautiful scenery in the world - amazing icebergs, fjords, and extraordinary wildlife.

  • Experience the splendid isolation of icebergs and fjords

  • Observe the awe-inspiring, rich wildlife

  • Visit the exotic, cultural Inuit settlements
Whales in Greenland
GoŠafoss, Iceland


Soaring volcanoes, spouting geysers, peaceful fjords and spectacular waterfalls

For almost 130 years, we’ve sailed to some of the world’s most remote lands. Through hikes, small boat cruises and shore excursions, you’ll delve deeper into Iceland’s seismic landscape. Sailing along Iceland’s coastline, you’ll learn more about this fascinating country, discovering tight-knit communities, industries, and historical landmarks.

  • Experience the unique terrain of volcanic drama, history and rugged scenery

  • Discover the cosmopolitan capital and hidden gems

  • Learn about Vikings and the awe-inspiring wilderness


GoŠafoss, Iceland

Expedition Cruises to Iceland in 2022

Senja, Norway

Expedition Cruises to Norway in 2022/23

Norway’s wild and dramatic coastline is made for expedition-style adventure.

Sailing here for almost 130 years, we’re the experts, showing you both its highlights and its hidden gems. Explore the most scenic spots the coastline has to offer and enjoy included excursions to experience even more. 

  • Explore the land of natural phenomena, including Midnight Sun and Northern Lights

  • See and delight in the magnificent Norwegian fjords

  • Discover with knowledgeable Norwegian experts
Senja, Norway

Expedition Cruises to Norway in 2022

Spitsbergen, Svalbard


Remote, mysterious and extreme — explore the Svalbard archipelago

The largest of Svalbard's islands, Spitsbergen, is a land forged by ice, wind and sea. Our expedition-style landings will take you closer to the ghost towns of early whaling stations, spectacular fjords and icebergs, wildlife and the King of the Arctic - the magnificent Polar Bear.

  • Discover the natural beauty of the realm of the Polar Bear

  • Explore unforgettable wilderness

  • Experience a unique expedition cruise in Arctic summer

Spitsbergen, Svalbard

Expedition Cruises to Svalbard in 2022