Customise your voyage with excursions

Your Hurtigruten voyage is one that becomes more memorable and enriching by taking part in excursions from our extensive programmes. Through our enlightening and eventful adventures, the true diversity of the landscape, history and culture becomes apparent.

Excursions along the Norwegian Coast

The excursions vary in duration, ranging from one hour to a whole day. They are led by highly passionate and knowledgeable guides. You have a choice of more than 90 in 2019/20 to get even closer to coastal Norway – both at sea and onshore. With such a wide range to choose from, we can guarantee authentic, local experiences that are open to everyone, regardless of age and interests.

From hunting the Northern Lights or dog sledding in winter, to summer hikes under the Midnight Sun, the Norwegian coast brims with adventure across each of its four seasons.

2019/20 (1 April –  31 December)

Excursions on Expedition cruises

Like our excursions along the Norwegian Coast, the expedition excursion programme aims to encompass a destination’s nature, culture and wildlife, as well as UNESCO sites, wherever possible. 

With each new season, we sail to new destinations so the total number of excursions on offer can vary. There is however, an average of 2-3 options per port, per voyage, all led by professional guides.

Excursion difficulty levels

We have graded our excursions according to the different degrees of physical activity involved. Excursions range from more sedate experiences, where you have ample time to soak in the scenery and contemplate fresh insights, to thrilling, exhilarating, and adrenaline-inducing ways to get closer to your travel destination.

  • Level 1 – Suitable for everyone: Involves limited physical, most of the tour is operated by vehicle 
  • Level 2 – Suitable for most: Involves moderate physical activity on relatively level surfaces and gentle terrain 
  • Level 3 - Average physical condition: Involves physical activity on uneven surface and/or steep terrain. You may be expected to carry your own backpack and equipment. Not suitable if you have limited mobility. 
  • Level 4 - Good physical condition: Involves a high level of physical activity over an extended period, in terrain that may often be unever, slippery and steep. You would be expected to carry your own backpack and equipment. Not suitable if you have limited mobility.

How to book

All our excursions are optional, and can be pre-booked by contacting our Customer Service team at [email protected]

Both Norwegian Coast and expedition excursions are also bookable once you’re on-board but please note there may be limited spaces, so it is advisable to pre-book your excursions before departure.